About Yoga
Vinyasa (pronounced vin-yah-sah) yoga, our main style, means "movement linked with breath" and serves as a branch off from the original Yoga Korunta, an ancient text written in sanskrit by Vamana Rishi, tracing back to 200B.C. Yogis during this time period gained movement inspiration from animals and plants. Yoga is not a religion; it has no fixed set of beliefs. Instead, Vinyasa practice is alignment oriented, known for its fluid nature, where postures (asanas) are connected like dance choreography; providing very smooth transitions at a faster pace. Physically, the breath (prana) increases heat in the body and causes perspiration, which is meant to be purifying with cardiovascular benefits. Vinyasa promotes concentration, increases muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, while exercising the glands, organs, and endocrine system, increasing circulation to stimulate, heal, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Vinyasa, though quite dynamic, is suitable for children, men and women; of all ages, and fitness levels. Yoga does not judge. Our studio does not host a competitive climate; your mat is your personal haven. Vinyasa, like all yoga, encourages living consciously, realizing your best self, and countering the pressures of everyday life. Consequently, the practice reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Vinyasa gives you more control over your body and thoughts, increasing self-confidence and giving you a positive self-image. Our instructors welcome all abilities and limitations.

Due to the unrestricted nature of the practice, the choreography from session-to-session, class-to-class, varies depending on the instructor's preferences and population present; you do not find this adaptability everywhere. Furthermore, we invite you to try multiple instructors, as you must find someone you enjoy and relate to. In addition to Vinyasa, our instructors are trained in therapeutic, restorative, and prenatal yoga as well. Choose from one-on-one sessions, to group classes, and everything in between!

Sessions by Appointment
Private, duet, and semi-private sessions are by appointment, easily booked online thru MINDBODY, fifty to sixty minutes in duration, taught by a certified yoga instructor, and may incorporate any or all of the professional props to include blocks, bolsters, and straps.

Private Sessions
A private session involves one-on-one attention, more costly than a group class, but the time, money, and commitment to addressing your personal goals, injuries, and chronic concerns; learning the poses under detailed supervision can be well worth the investment. You will accelerate your progress with this type of tailored programming.

Duet Sessions  
Duet sessions involve two participants, ideal for participants possessing similar goals and abilities.  We require three prerequisite private sessions before being eligible to pair up. This requirement is for your safety and to ensure you reap the full benefits of Vinyasa practice. We will gladly find a compatible partner for you. Not intended for those who have major injuries or health concerns.

Semi-private Sessions
Semi-private sessions involve three to four participants, the most economical alternative to private sessions, intended for seasoned participants possessing similar goals and abilities. We require three prerequisite private sessions, before being eligible to partner up. We will gladly form semi-private sessions for you.    

Group Classes  
Group class sizes are limited, providing the attention you deserve, yet catering to any budget. This is a key factor in separating our private studio from a gym. Our instructors focus on technique and want to be sure you get the most out of your practice. We are all trained to adapt to those specific bodies attending a given class; this is why making prepaid reservations online with MINDBODY is important. Our instructors view the rosters when initially planning a class, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. Be sure to bring a fitness mat; available for purchase in studio. 

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