About Pilates
Pilates, (pronounced puh-LAH-teez) seemingly popular recently, is in fact a three-dimensional fitness method that has been strengthening and lengthening bodies since the early twentieth century. Its founder, German born Joseph H. Pilates, originally called his work contrology; the art of controlling the body, famous for increasing core strength (muscles of the abdomen, low back, hips and buttocks) and teaching ways to properly support your joints through continuous movement. Pilates brings about aha moments regarding day-to-day habits that may stress the spine, corrects over-training, and reveals ways to eliminate these patterns to achieve a well-balanced, neutral spine providing more power, improved flexibility, coordination, in most cases pain relief, and future injury prevention. 

This mind-body method is for every body; men and women, young and old, seasoned athletes, and those deconditioned, pregnant, and post-rehabilitation alike. For athletes, the total body integration, in-depth stabilization, and theory of opposition (moving the body in two different directions to engage more muscle groups at once) techniques enhance your performance within your sport. Enjoy the many exercise variations (pressing, lifting, pumping, flexing, extending, rolling, rotating...) selected by your instructor based upon your current physical condition, and desired intensity.

Come discover there is way more to Pilates than a mat! Explore springs, pulleys, bars and straps, on for example, the reformer apparatus. Choose from one-on-one sessions, to group classes, and everything in between! Beware Pilates can be addictive; it might just be the fitness method you do the rest of your life! We are proud of our community ties where Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Coaches often refer participants to our studio.

Sessions by Appointment  
Private, duet, and semi-private sessions are by appointment, require a prerequisite alignment evaluation and introductory session, easily booked thru MINDBODY, fifty to sixty minutes in duration, taught by a certified Pilates instructor, and may incorporate any or all of the professional Pilates apparatus to include the reformer, tower, Pilates chairs, barrels, spine supporters, and rotational discs, as well as work on the mat. Be sure to bring traction socks, which are available for purchase if needed.

Private Sessions
A private session involves one-on-one attention, more costly than a group class, but the time, money, and commitment to addressing your personal goals, injuries, and chronic concerns; learning the exercises under detailed supervision can be well worth the investment. You will accelerate your progress with this type of tailored programming.

Duet Sessions
Duet sessions involve two participants, ideal for participants possessing similar goals and abilities. We require three prerequisite private sessions, in addition to the introductory alignment evaluation and introductory session, before being eligible to pair up. This requirement is for your safety and to ensure you reap the full benefits of the Pilates method demonstrating consistent proper form. We will gladly find a compatible partner for you. Not intended for those who have major injuries or health concerns.  

Semi-Private Sessions  
Semi-private sessions involve three to four participants, the most economical alternative to private sessions, intended for seasoned participants possessing similar goals and abilities. We require three prerequisite private sessions, in addition to the introductory alignment evaluation and introductory session, before being eligible to partner up. We will gladly form semi-private sessions for you.

Group Classes
Group class sizes are limited, providing the attention you deserve, yet catering to any budget. This is a key factor in separating our private studio from a gym. Our instructors focus on technique and want to be sure you get the most out of your practice. We are all trained to adapt to those specific bodies attending a given class; this is why making prepaid reservations online with MINDBODY is important. Our instructors view the rosters when initially planning a class, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. We change Pilates props from class to class to keep you motivated. Be sure to bring traction socks and a fitness mat, both available for purchase in studio.

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