About Barre
Barre (pronounced bar) is a fitness program that fuses Pilates, yoga and ballet techniques. The ballet barre, a wooden, horizontal object participants rest their hands on for support during a portion of the exercises, is where this program gets its name, and includes becoming stronger, lengthening and shaping muscles, increasing flexibility, range of motion, and of course burning lots of calories — there is a cardio component. Forget the tutu; this program is nothing classical of ballet, and no prior dance experience is required. Structured to start off with a stretchy warm up, and then address every inch of your body with small, controlled isometric movements, designed to create that "dancer's body" everyone admires. You can expect to sculpt your calves, chisel the thighs, lift your buttocks, whittle your waist, increase your trunk strength, which will improve your posture, and define the arms.

Most classes are considered multi-level and are suitable for a variety of body types, including pregnant women. If you are bored with your current strength training routine, the unpredictability and new challenge will spark your interest. Our instructors are certified under multiple barre programs, providing you a large choreographic assortment, and most importantly, effective fitness. We demonstrate thorough cueing, with hands-on alignment corrections, and offer modifications where necessary. Our music selections set the tone for each class, complimenting the movement patterns, and adding inspiration.

Balls, bands, gliders, weights, and more are used to provide additional variety and in some instances an extra challenge, while other instances assistance in finding deeper target muscles for a given movement. Barre is all the rage because it truly produces results, along with watching your diet of course. Our studio provides a noncompetitive environment, where all who desire feeling more fit and vigorous are welcome.

Group Classes
Barre is offered in group class format. Group class sizes are limited, providing the attention you deserve, yet catering to any budget. This is a key factor in separating our private studio from a gym. Our instructors focus on technique and want to be sure you get the most out of your practice. We are all trained to adapt to those specific bodies attending a given class; this is why making prepaid reservations online with MINDBODY is important. Our instructors view the rosters when initially planning a class, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. We change choreography from class to class to keep you motivated. Please arrive on time as latecomers cannot safely be permitted into class. Be sure to bring traction socks and a fitness mat, both available for purchase in studio.

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